Andy Around the World


Links to products, companies and people who I've found useful.

Please note that I am not sposored by any of them!

Suppliers of the SPY HiD headlight kit that is now on my Valkyrie and my XT600E
Brilliantly designed and made.
Omega 350 for Mongolia and the Helium 200 for the ATW trip.
For my HS20 and my F40fd
Exeter based. Beautiful powder coating on the rear carrier and rack on the XT.
The best bit of kit to take on an 'out of touch' journey.
Masters of fabrication and repair
For their support in telling me to "b*gger off somewhere!"
Superb plumbing that should be on display it's that good!
Want to know how to keep fit and eat healthily?
Motorcycle Travel to Prudhoe Bay and Inuvik
If you only ever want to read one book about motorcycle adventures, make it this one!
Smart Riders - Dorset Stockists of DP Brake Pads and suppliers of 5 STAR Customer Service.
All about me and my travels on bikes