My Sponsors

Exo2 Heated clothing

I was kept warm "ish" by my old heated waistcoat when crossing Siberia in 2011. It gave me a 3" blister on my back but I couldn't afford to switch it off. The Exo2 Stormrider uses less amperage and gives more heat. Also it cannot cause local hot spots due to it's innovative element.

Exo2 have given me a discount which allows me to replace my old, worn out, waistcoat with a much more efficient one, at a similar price. Thank you.

Eightball Motorcycle Products
Superb sponsorship from Eightball and they are helping me to get even more sponsorship from the US of A. Many thanks.
Klim - probably the best Adventure Motorcycle Clothing in the World
Klim in America gave me a very handsome discount. Then Eighball Motorsport Products stepped in and sent me the items free of charge. I now have a wonderful Badlands pro jacket and trousers plus a set of Dakar Gloves.
Gibbs Performance - Saltash
Supplied me with new suspension at cost price. Thank you.
Victoria is supplying me with invaluable information about Russia.