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I have been called out recently to inspect a couple of computers where the customer has received a call from a company who claim to be working for Microsoft! They then ask you to check certain files on your computer and try to convince you that the files are malicious. They will then sell you software that will get rid of the malicious 'viruses'. This gives them your credit card details and allows them remote access to your computer.
The telephone number that comes up when they call is 021-235-6788. This looks like a Birmingham number but is in fact routed from either Africa or India.
Obviously DO NOT allow them access to your computer or your credit card! If in doubt, ring me! 01752 895362
Andy's Awfully Big Adventure
This is a forewarning to all of you out there in sanity land that I'm going to be out of the loop for a few months in 2011!
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If you are using Grisoft Anti-Virus and/or Malwarebytes you should uninstall them both and start using Microsoft's Security Essentials which became a free-to-use download on the 1st October (actually today on the 30th Sept) 2010.
CLICK HERE to download the program
You will need to uninstall any anti-virus or anti-malware programs you are using at the moment.

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My gorgeous granddaughter Evelyn (Evie) on her 2nd birthday
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